Our main focus  “In the End..Care” is that we love to provide bespoke specialised

 end of life care training to suit all services, disciplines and experience.

This is why we created the Circle of Life Board Game and continue to develop

new training resources to make learning fun and enjoyable

Gina King
RGN, DN, BSc Palliative Care, PGCHE,

Dip Prof Studies, Dip Reflexology




After I qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1988, I had a keen

interest to improve the assessment and management of pain,

especially for those approaching the end of life of their lives.

I gained various different experiences in oncology, surgery and

medicine alongside undertaking the ENB 931 (Care of the dying

and families), ENB 998 (Teaching and assessing) and the N18

(wound management) and voluntary training courses to be

able to work in the community and then undergo the District

Nursing Course. After establishing myself as a District Nursing

Sister, I was seconded as a Hospital Macmillan Nurse achieving

my ultimate goal of becoming a Specialist Palliative Care Nurse.


This fortunately led onto a permanent role for 10 years where

I was able to formally set up the service also providing breast

care advice and work alongside a Palliative Medicine Consultant

and several local Hospices. During this time I embraced end of

life care (EoLC) in a hospital setting despite being “community”

at heart and developed a new leaning towards teaching.

To support this, I undertook and completed a Palliative Care

degree (BSc) whilst working part-time in-between periods of the

births of my three children.


When we, as a family moved locations, I worked as a Community

Hospice Specialist Palliative Care Nurse but was thirsty for

change management and further teaching. Thus I was able to

be seconded as a Gold Standards Framework Facilitator and

thoroughly engaged myself in encouraging fellow colleagues to

change practice through teaching and “thinking outsidethe box”.

During this time I was fortunate to also work as an End of Life

Care (EoLC) Lead for (old) NHS South West.


An opportunity arose to work on the EoLC Strategy for NHS

Gloucestershire CCG and to work with the National EoL

Programme now known as NHS Improving Quality. I am now

the Lead for the South West Regional Network for EoLC

Facilitators and other associated projects. I have now been

seconded to work for the South West Strategic Clinical Network

as a Quality Improvement Lead for EoLC as well continuing my

 work for the CCG.


Teaching through formal and informal sessions, meetings and

events has been an essential part of what I do, to change

practice in order to improve care for the patient and family.

I have written a chapter in “A textbook for Community Nursing”

on “Providing quality in EoLC” and now have undertaken the

“Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching” to formalise what I have

previously “learnt on the job”.  I qualified in reflexology and

massage to ensure the caring element is not lost and provide

treatments in my spare time in-between caring for my three

(now older) children and one husband alongside the

menagerie at home.


Maggie Martin
RGN, Diploma in Palliative Care





I was a 'late starter' to nursing having first qualified as a British Horse

Society Assistant Instructor, owning my own and working with horses

for several years.


I qualified as a Registered General Nurse in1988, working for the

majority of my career in the Community Hospital setting. I added to

my knowledge and skills by undertaking further training which

included the English National Board (ENB) courses for ‘The continuing

care of the dying patient and the family (931)’; ‘Psychiatric Aspects

of General Nursing; ‘Teaching & Assessing in Clinical Practice(998)’.

I also gained my City & Guilds competencies for training and

assessing candidates undertaking their National Vocational

Qualifications and gained my Diploma in Palliative Care in 2001.


My passion has always been to care for the dying person and

their family and ended my full time career as Matron of two

Community Hospitals.


Since then I have been working as an End of Life Education

Facilitator across all settings with the majority of my time being

spent working with staff within care homes. I enhanced my training

skills further by gaining the Chartered Institute of Environmental

Health’s Level 3 Award in ‘Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong

Learning Sector’.


I was also a key member of the team which developed a county

wide Advance Care Planning document which has now been

adopted by Trusts across England.


My time away from work is spent with my horses, both dressage and

more recently carriage driving which has been a roller coaster event.

I still enjoy teaching children to ride including my own grandchildren.


I am keen to train in 'fun' way where learning will be embedded and

not forgotten as can often happen with a more traditional approach.

This has stemmed not only from my whole working life but also from

enjoying the company of the children who I teach to ride using games

and laughter to learn to ride without them realising they are doing it.


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