The Circle of Life board game promotes active
participation from all types of learners

The Circle of Life Board Game is designed as a training resource to support learning and consolidation of knowledge

in end of life education. Each Game covers four topics, two of which remain constant themes, Communication and

Advance Care Planning. There are six other subject headings that can be chosen as optional topics that form the

four topics of the game (these can also be viewed via the slide show):


  • Assessment

  • Bereavement

  • Cultural Considerations

  • Last days of Life

  • Managing symptoms

  • Spirituality


The Board Game, is an ideal training engagement activity as it meets all learner needs (Kinetic, Visual, Audio and

Reading (Theory)) and takes away the emphasis of “learning” as you are in fact “playing a game”. It subtlety allows

each learner to be involved and learn in a fun and humorous way.  The “Trainer” leads the game and “teams” play

rather than individuals answering the questions. This is an important factor as it promotes a supportive

non-threatening learning environment and encourages communication and small group working. Throughout the

activity, the Trainer is able to assess the amount of learning that has taken place by observing the group and the

individuals within it.


The Board Game can be used with all members of the Multi-Disciplinary Team (including G.Ps, Consultants,

trained Nurses Housekeepers, Chefs, and Care Assistants etc) within all care settings. Additionally, left over cards,

when the game is finished can be used to further learning on a particular aspect of a training need outlined in the

intended Learning Outcomes.


The Board Game promotes active participation from all types of learners, encourages discussion and debate in a

fun and supportive environment. It supports team building and allows even a less confident learner to feel more

assured about their own abilities as it is a shared process and everyone has had equal opportunity to participate.


The philosophy of the Board design is the representation of the four seasons with a stone path working its way

through the year. The path is formed as a loop to demonstrate the “circle of life” through the seasons, with the

tree symbolising life itself.


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