In the End Care training


The main focus of our company “In the End..Care” is that we love to provide bespoke specialised end of life care training

to suit all services, disciplines and experience. This is why we have created the Circle of Life Board Game and are

creating new training resources to encourage, engage, enjoy and have fun in learning.


What we offer


We pride ourselves on designing training packages that are tailored to suit each individual customer. No two sessions

are ever the same as we work with each request to ensure that the sessions delivered meet the desired learning

outcomes of the organisation and needs of the staff. Our training can either start with an awareness session or be

specifically focussed on a particular aspect or jointly combined with another facet of end of life care, whichever the

customer prefers in terms of time and training needs.


The themes that are available for training are listed below:


       • Assessment

       • Communication

       • Advance Care Planning

       • Symptom Management

       • Spirituality

       • Cultural considerations

       • Care in the last days of life

       • Bereavement


Cost of training


We prefer to discuss fees at the beginning of the contact and have a conversation around particular requirements e.g.

time and location. We are able to offer discounts if multiple sessions are booked, including if a Circle of Life Board Game

is purchased as part of the training package.


Please contact us for further details and we would be more than willing to talk through any thoughts you may have.


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